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Specialized in live games, this publisher made its debut in 2012 before making a name for itself in the industry despite a rather tough competition. It specializes inlive gaming and owes its reputation to authentic achievements that have won the hearts of casinos and players alike.

Publisher’s presentation

It opened its doors at a time when the industry was undergoing changes, with trends leaning more and more towards live gaming. It has managed to make the most of the situation and operates from several countries, with studios in Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Estonia.

Aware of the quality expected by its players, Betgames frequently regulates its activities. It is, for example, registered with the gambling regulatory authorities in its country of location, such as the MGA in Malta. The same applies to the few countries from which it provides services.

In terms of quality, this designer gives importance to the very development of his games and their originality. In this, he surrounds himself with a competent team equipped with high-performance material. This can easily be seen in the quality of the broadcasts, in the logistics and in the host of small related services.

Indeed, the player benefits from an ergonomic interface, coupled with a professional team of dealers. It also has a fairly extensive level of customization that doesn’t fail to make for an exciting gaming experience. On the business side, this developer has left nothing to chance: his software is easily integrated into the client’s structure with a pleasant management.

betgames live games

The games released from the Betgames stables are the witnesses of the desire of innovation of the young editor. Its games are quite faithful to the name of their parent box. Unlike other publishers who work on card games like blackjack, Betgames publisher is more focused on betting. This is how he proposes games like Lucky 7 or Dice, based on dice.

Games such as Bet on Poker, Bet on Baccarat and games based on the Wheel of Fortune principle complete its catalogue. Betgames live games welcome players any day and open at any time thanks to its studios scattered all over.

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Many live games are oriented towards betting like lucky 7 or wheel of fortune games like Bet on Poker, Bet on Baccarat, unique games offering high payouts