Texas HoldEm Bonus Poker

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Do you like Hold’Em, and the bonuses even more? Texas HoldEm Bonus Poker should satisfy your love of the game. And more than that, because it also rewards your efforts with big wins. The result of a partnership between Evolution Gaming and Games Marketing, Texas Hold’Em Poker Bonus is undeniably a game with their signature quality and entertainment. This live game is an enhanced version of the classic online Texas Hold’Em poker.

Hit the First Five Jackpot

The special feature of this Texas Hold’em Bonus is that you can win a jackpot in a Royal Flush, this jackpot is conditioned by 2 cards of the player and 3 common cards, all players who bet on“First 5 Jackpot” share the winnings!

Texas HoldEm Bonus Poker

To set it apart from its peers, Texas Hold’Em Poker Bonus is packed with bonuses. For example, there is the bonus bet. Placed at the time of theante (the initial bet) and the blinds, it is a bet independent of the game and is made on the player’s hand, whether it qualifies or not. The player wins the bonus bet by making a particular hand.

The live Texas Hold’Em Poker Bonus also has a jackpot: the First Five Jackpot. This one is won by the player who manages to present a Royal Flush. Other, smaller hands can also yield equally small payouts.

Play Texas Hold’Em Poker Bonus

Besides placing a bonus bet, a game of Bonus Texas Hold’Em Poker is played in a similar manner to online Texas Hold’Em. As always, the goal is to come up with a better hand than the dealer. The players do not play against each other. They play against the dealer.

At the beginning of the game, players place their ante, the starting bet that will later determine the value of their win or loss. Then the distribution of the cards begins. Through the decisions and actions of the players, each remaining player will have built up a hand. To qualify for the Texas Hold’Em Poker Bonus, you need at least one pair.

If the dealer does not qualify, he pays the remaining players their ante . If the dealer’s hand qualifies, the player’s hand must be better than his.

The games are enriched by the interaction with the dealers. Those who seek the conviviality of table games will be particularly charmed by their professionalism.

Texas HoldEm Bonus Poker Features

Bonus Texas Hold’Em Poker has all the characteristics of a modern game that knows how to meet the needs of players.

Visually, we find the Evolution Gaming touch with a neat design and an ergonomic interface. The broadcasting is done with very good equipment, which allows the hardcore players to get HD video quality. Be careful, however, because this advantage requires a very good internet connection. If not, the program will automatically switch to the most appropriate video quality.

To be as enjoyable as possible, the game switches easily between all popular media. Whether on a tablet, smartphone or computer, the player can enjoy a game of Bonus Texas Hold’Em Poker.

Last but not least, Texas Hold’Em Poker Bonus has licenses issued by the relevant authorities. These include the UK Gambling Commission and the Maltese Gaming Authority.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions ” Texas HoldEm Bonus Poker

👌 What’s so special about Evolution Gaming’s Texas Holdem Bonus Poker?

This live Texas Holdem Poker offers a Jackpot Bonus: the First 5 jackpot which reaches several hundred thousand euros >> Learn more

✔️ What other poker games are available live?

📢 What is the return rate for the RTP player?

The theoretical payout is around 97.90% on the Ante basis, and over 99% on the Total Bet basis. With the bonus bet the payout is close to 91% With the First jackpot the theoretical payout is around 81

🎯 What is the playing strategy for the EVOLUTION GAMING Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker?

For the first 2 cards, fold for all inappropriate hands between 2/7 and 2/3, you will be able to maximize your RTP

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