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Everything you need to know about a roulette table with croupier in French

Roulette is a very popular game of chance in casinos. Nowadays tasks have become more convenient and some casino game developers have decided to create live games like what Vivo Gaming does with its French language roulette title with dealer.

The main objective of this roulette game is to bet on a number from the 37 game numbers ranging from 0 to 36. Like all other European type casters, the double zero 00 is absent in this variant, unlike the American version. More precisely, this roulette has three elements, namely the game cylinder with the 37 numbers, the ball that will be thrown by the croupier and the betting mat. In this French version of roulette with a dealer, the player can bet on one or as many numbers as he or she wishes while respecting the established betting limits.


According to the information gathered, the first roulette wheel was made in the 17th century by Blaise Pascal in France. The original version of roulette at that time consisted of 38 numbers. It had two 00 zeros, but this presence of the double zero was a handicap to favor the chances of winning. Then Louis Blanc and François made an improvement to the original version and decided to remove the double zero.

Thus, the newly created wheel has revolutionized the world of roulette in Europe. And the name given to this type of game is the European roulette, one of the variants of which is the French roulette with dealer, which is very popular among online casino players today. However, the title offered by Vivo Gaming has become very popular for its quality, reliability and generosity at the live roulette tables.

How does a roulette with dealer work in French?

As with all the other European roulette wheels today, it is also a question of betting on the square where the thrown ball will stop after having gone around the cylinder. As for the bet, there are different types: full, cross, square, straddle, column, etc. The range of bets is from 0,1 to 500 €$Β£ and the main language is of course French, the dealer communicates in French. However, like all Vivo Gaming games, other European and Asian languages are available.

The French version uses the same principles as the European roulette with 37 numbers played, i.e. from 0 to 36. And the 37 issues are divided into three columns.

The basic rules of the roulette table with croupier in French language

The basic rules of this French language roulette with dealer are super simple, just bet on the right number using game strategies to increase the chances of pocketing wins.

There are two betting strategies that can be used by the player. On the one hand, the inside bets, which yield a large payout: in full, with all the chips placed on a single number, in straddle, where the chips are divided between 2 numbers, in cross with 3 numbers, in square with 4 numbers and in sixain with 6 six numbers.

On the other hand, outside bets greatly increase the odds of winning, but the bet is smaller. However, multiple chances are incurred with a column or straddle column bet type and single chances occur with red/black, even/odd or short/pass.

French roulette dealer table

Advantages of roulette with dealer in French language

What is very interesting in the French roulette with dealer is that when the ball stops on the zero square. This number is paid like the other numbers, regardless of the bet chosen, full, square or straddle, and all other bets will be lost except for the single odds. In this situation, the simple chance bet is put in jail. On the next turn, if this chance appears, the bet will be returned, otherwise it will be lost.

Another option is still available in French roulette, it is the “split”, it consists in keeping half of your bet. All of these rules are established by Vivo Gaming to help the player’s chances of winning, which proves the popularity of this variant.

πŸ“Œ What is the special feature of this online roulette table?

roulette croupiere langue francaise vivo gaming

This live roulette table is located in Malta, Europe, proposed by the editor VIVOGAMING, the charming dealers make the announcements in French and English, >> Discover this roulette table

🌍 What other languages are offered on this live roulette table?

+ More than 26 languages are available: English, German, Italian ….

πŸ“² Is the French Roulette table playable on my cell phone?

Yes, this function is compatible with the software

πŸ’Έ What are the minimum and maximum bets at VIVO GAMING live roulette tables?

There are 2 types of tables from 0,1 to 1500 €$ and from 1 € to 3000 €$.

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