Jackpot Smoking Dogs

Jackpot Smoking Dogs

All about Fugaso’s Smoking Dogs slot machine

If you are looking for an online slot with an interesting theme to have fun and get big wins, the Smoking Dogs slot provided by Fugaso is recommended. This developer has chosen to decorate this game from the images of dogs with different smoking devices. The design is hilarious and off the beaten path, various advantageous features are set up as well to allow you to win many prizes. More precisely, this video slot is represented by a 3-row, 5-reel playfield with 243 ways to win. Play the Smoking Dogs slot machine and have fun winning many rewards, but remember that smoking is bad for your health!

What is Smoking Dogs like?

If you’ve never seen a dog with a cigarette addiction in your life, find out now in Fugaso’s Smoking Dogs slot machine. In this game, you’ll find a bunch of breed ranges, from tiny terriers to blue-eyed huskies and you’ll see these creatures of all sizes. But all these dogs have one thing in common: the love of smoking. These animals smoking cigarettes will give you a special feeling and this is what you will notice first when the game is loaded. While watching this amazing show, you can also be entertained and play for real cash prizes on the reels.

Slot Machine Playback

Being a dog lover, you are easily distracted by what you see on the rolls. You’ll find dog cookies cascading in a bowl and a kennel standing outside against a clear sky that makes for perfect weather. To discover all the amazing features that await you, start playing with enthusiasm.

Smoking Dogs is set on a conventional size board with 5 rolls arranged in a standard manner. Players who are used to getting into slot fields will notice right away that this machine has no visible paylines. This style is based on a different winning mode with 243 ways to win. This option is also very popular with slot machine enthusiasts on other titles that have this same feature. In addition, many believe that having 243 ways to win offers a better chance of success in addition to being simple, without having to remember the layout of the payment schemes.

The only downside is that there is no way to allow flexibility on the number of lines to be played, so participants rely on the bet setting to ensure that their budget fits the demands of the game. The minimum bet starts at 25.00 coins and the return rate to players is 96.7%, which is quite impressive.

Features in Smoking Dogs

It’s important to keep your eyes open for any sign of extras that may be happening on the reels as it will help you raise your winnings. As in many titles provided by Fugaso, Smoking Dogs is also available to satisfy you with its different features.

First, you have wild or joker symbols that are able to substitute for the various dog icons that appear on the reels. In this game, the jokers land from the second roll to the fifth. Then there is another feature that can help you earn more, it is called the “twin reel” feature. Before spinning the reels, notice that 2 of the reels stick together with identical symbols on each. On each spin, 2 adjacent reels link up and will spin with the same sets of symbols. During the rotation, the linked rollers expand by covering 3 to 5 rollers with the same images.