Progressive Caribbean Draw Poker Real Time Gaming

Caribbean Draw Poker

This is one of the tables in Real Time Gaming‘s Carribean series. Like its two sisters, this is a quality table game that combines the fun of a poker game with the strengths of online casinos. This is a 5 card game where you don’t play against each other, but against the dealer.

The graphics are what RTG is used to, with a well worked look and smooth animations. The game interface is fluid. Those familiar with the Carribean series will have no trouble handling Carribean Stud Poker.

Play Progressive Carribean Draw Poker

With the game of bets and decisions ¸ among other poker rules, the concept of Carribean Draw Poker is quite simple. All you need is a better hand than the dealer, in a 5-card, one-deck game. The ante must then be placed. If desired, a secondary bet can be placed for the jackpot. It will take a royal Quint Flush to get it.

Then 5 cards are dealt to each participant, but only one card of the dealer is visible. At this point, the player decides.

  • To raise is to think you have a chance to beat the dealer. The ante must then be placed twice to continue.
  • Fold is to fold, and therefore withdraw from the game, losing the ante and the jackpot side bet.

In the event that you feel lucky enough to have a strong hand, you choose to raise. One then has the opportunity to replace up to two cards from the deck if necessary. The dealer will also be able to. At the end of this stage, the hands are compared to determine the winnings.

Winning at Progressive Caribbean Draw Poker

The outcome depends on whether the dealer’s hand qualifies or not. To qualify, the dealer must have a minimum pair of 8s.

Now that everyone has a 5-card hand, there are several possible cases:

  • If the dealer qualifies, the stronger hand wins. If the player wins, the ante is returned to him, his winnings are the strength of his hand based on his bet. If not, he loses the ante and the bet.
  • If the dealer does not qualify, regardless of the player’s hand, the bet is returned to the player, plus winnings on the ante (according to casino reports).

Depending on the hand, here’s how the payouts look:

  • Quint Flush Royale: 200:1
  • Straight Flush: 50:1
  • Square: 20:1
  • Full house: 7:1
  • Color (Flush): 5:1

Pair is the lowest paying with 1x the bet, followed by pair with 2x the bet. As far as the jackpot is concerned, it can be won in full with a Royal Flush, 10% with a Quint Flush, and not at all with two pair or three of a kind. Carribean Draw Poker is a great table to get acquainted with the game of poker.

Progressive Caribbean Draw Poker” Frequently Asked Questions

👌Can you play progressive Caribbean Draw Poker in demo mode without money?

progressif carribean Draw Poker

Yes, there are demo versions that you can practice with fake money >>Learn More

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