Playtech VIP Baccarat

Playtech Baccarat VIP Review

Today there are many online games such as the famous baccarat tables that players around the world love. Through this article, we will try to find out more about Playtech’s Live VIP Baccarat.

This game launched in 2017 is a variant of classic baccarat with more modern and exciting content. Each game is hosted by a real dealer and is shot from a studio located in Manila. The developer has designed a high-quality game environment that is full of originality.

In VIP Baccarat, six side bets are offered in addition to the three main bets offered in classic baccarat. Bets range from $5 to $12,500. The stock now has an RTP of 98.76% and is accessible via computer and mobile device.

How do I play Playtech VIP Baccarat?

There’s nothing complicated about this Playtech Baccarat VIP Live. The concept is new, but the provider has really made it easy for bettors to understand how the game works. Moreover, the pace of the game will allow you to assimilate everything easily.

Before the game even begins, participants can choose between two viewing modes. Once the game is launched, each bettor will find on the screen everything he or she needs during the game, namely the chat option, various settings and the help page. Playtech also allows players to access a history of previous spins before betting.

First of all, you should remember that this is not a card game, but a bet on the outcome of the game between the dealer and the player. This is a game that follows the traditional rules of baccarat. The winning hand is the one in which the sum of the two cards is closest to 9. Each card has its own value: the Ace counts as 1, cards numbered 2 through 9 take their respective face value and cards higher than 10 are worth zero.

A Baccarat VIP game always begins with the betting period. No one can place a bet until the “Place your bets” sign is active. Participants must choose from a variety of betting options beforehand. Then, they will be asked to place the amount of their choice in the game using the seven tokens displayed in the game. The Delete, Confirm and Reboot options have also been added to the game to make it easier for participants.

When the betting time is up, the dealer will start drawing cards. Both parties will receive two cards each. A third card will be drawn in case the sum of cards in hand does not exceed 5.

What you need to remember to play this game well

Playtech’s Live Baccarat VIP is not the best option for those in a hurry. This is a game that can take a long time to play. This is mainly due to the fact that the game requires the implementation of certain strategies.

You should also know that this is a game that can pay off in a big way. The payouts for VIP Baccarat side bets are the highest among live baccarat games.

Characteristics that distinguish this version of Baccarat

This live baccarat table from Playtech stands out, firstly, because it offers several side bets. These ones spice up the game a bit. For your information, we can mention: the player/banker pair, either pair, the perfect pair and the big/small.

Another unique feature of this title is the presence of two dealer assistants. In VIP Baccarat, the players who bet the largest amounts will decide how the cards are turned over at the end of the game. That’s what the Squeeze Card option is all about. The two assistants will then press the cards.

You should also know that the name Baccarat VIP is not without reason. VIP players have an advantage because they have the possibility to know the results in advance thanks to the private feed generated by the small cameras placed in the studio.