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Mini Live Roulette

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Evolution – Mini Live Roulette

Mini Live Roulette is a lighter version of the famous live roulette games from Evolution. Released in 2018, it is thought to be a “sidegame”, a game within a game, ideal for multitasking gamers wishing to play multiple games at the same time.


Mini Live Roulette is an adaptation of European Roulette. It is thus composed of 37 boxes, numbered from 0 to 36.

True to Evolution’s speciality, Mini Live Roulette is a live casino game. In other words, the game is played with a real dealer, not software. The prints are much more authentic, as is the overall feel of the game. Evolution’s live casinos are usually shot in their studios in Riga, Latvia.

Unlike the other live roulettes designed by Evolution, it is a sidegame by definition. Mini Live Roulette is a lighter version designed to be played simultaneously with other less hectic games, such as sports betting.


As the name suggests, Mini Live Roulette is a lite edition. While this format leaves one wondering about a live roulette game, the features of the game show that it has strengths encompassing all the features one would expect.

  • European Roulette This mini roulette is composed of 36 red and black numbers and a green 0 box for a total of 37 boxes. Its rules are also those of European roulette.
  • Reduced game window : 200×230 pixels in size. The full screen mode is still available.
  • Single shot : the angles are fixed and there is no replay. To compensate for the narrowness of the screen, the system automatically zooms in when placing bets. The video quality is a bit lower than usual.
  • Classic features The size of the screen does not prevent from having a complete interface, although basic. The large betting area occupies the lower half of the screen, with links to other games on the left and the statistics/history duo on the right
  • Experienced dealer The games are handled with a sure hand by professional dealers. With the chat option available, the exchanges between players make the moment more convivial.
  • Reliable live game Like all Evolution products, Mini Live Roulette is approved by the relevant gambling authorities.

How Mini Live Roulette works

The principle of Mini Live Roulette is very simple. In fact, the rules do not change from traditional roulette. The aim is to predict the number on which the ivory ball will stop. A game is thus summarized by the placement of the bets¸ then by the throw. All that’s left to do is to read the results and pay out the winnings to the lucky ones.

Mini Live Roulette is equipped with the Autoplay function. This allows you to save your favourite bets so that you can quickly re-launch them in other games. Mini Live Roulette allows 15 bets to be registered.

When it comes to strategy, regulars can try to play using probability, but roulette is all about chance. Nevertheless, strategies on betting exist, and are supposed to favour winning. These include the Martingale, the Labouchere system, the D’Alambert system, the Five Quads and other methods of playing roulette.

Paris and reports

Mini Live Roulette allows roulette lovers to bet on a dozen different bets. They win when their bet is effective, and lose when it is not. When the ball lands on 0, a large portion of the bets come out losers.

Mini Live Roulette’s betting structure is perfect for any type of player, although it can vary greatly from one online casino to another. Generally, it ranges from 1 to 25,000 euros.

Naturally, the less likely bets(straight up, split) pay more than the less elaborate bets(red/black).

Mini Live Roulette has a variable payout ratio, but it is quite high, as it averages 97.3%. This is significantly higher than the rates in land-based casinos (less than 80%).

🙋 “Mini Roulette” Frequently Asked Questions

👍 What is the special feature of mini live Roulette?

Mini Live Roulette has a variable payout ratio, but it is quite high, as it averages 97.3%. This is significantly higher than the rates charged in land-based casinos

❣️ What other roulette tables are available online?

Among the tables of Roulette with live dealer, there are 3 types: Specific studio tables like the Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, Roulette La Partage, Mini Roulette, Immersive Roulette and the roulette tables in private rooms – native language roulette tables and finally tables in land-based casinos such as Casino Dragonara, Casino Bucharest, London Casino

🍀 What are the minimum and maximum bets on the mini live Roulette table?

In general, players have the possibility to bet from 10 euro cents, maximum bets can reach 1,000 euros, with a rate of return for the player close to 97.5%.

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