Lucky Drink Jackpot

Lucky Drink Slot Machine, what you need to know

If you want to be entertained and have fun without going anywhere, you can opt for an online slot game. However, Lucky Drink from Belatra Games, an experienced game provider for more than 15 years, could meet your demand. The cheerful and charismatic main character of the game invites all the thirsty for excitement to turn to him after a few glasses of beer to try their luck. In fact, this slot machine has prepared for you, in addition to the basic game, some original bonuses in order to favor your winnings. Here’s everything you need to know about Lucky Drink!

How does the Lucky Drink slot game look and play?

Lucky Drink is a slot machine with 5 reels and 15 game lines, fun characters, a clean design and an original soundtrack. A great thing about this video slot is that the combinations on the reels can be winning no matter which way they land, left to right or right to left. And as with all Belatra Games products, Lucky Drink is also available in several languages. It offers 11 languages with almost all the classical European languages plus Turkish and Dutch.

The player can determine the amount they wish to bet per line and this can vary from 1 to 25. However, you can maximize your bet and each spin of the reels will cost 225 to increase your chance of winning. In the event that you win a prize on the reels, you will have the opportunity to further increase your win by accepting the “double play” option. This offer is available every time you win, but the winnings are not guaranteed, it is still a high risk game. But if you prefer to accept, you must face the dealer for a game of cards. However, your prize will be doubled if you win, but if you lose, you get nothing and return to the basic game. So the choice is yours, will you dare to take on the dealer?

Parameters to remember in Lucky Drink

Before you start playing, it is important to go through the menu to understand how it really works. This way you can also find out the exact prizes that can be won in the game. To access the earnings chart, use the “info” button on the right side of the control panel. This prize chart shows the different prizes on offer, explains how to win and provides information on the rules of the game. It also reveals the special bonus game that you can unlock if you spin the right symbols. This option can be played at no extra cost, you will face a devil with a pitchfork in order to win prizes.

All of these settings are not common in other slots, which means that Lucky Drink is perfect for beginners who need a little help getting around the game.

To win, you must match at least 3 symbols, if you manage to match more than 3 icons, your prize will increase. Not all symbols are worth the same and the one that pays the most is the barrel.

The different stages of bonus

2-step “hell” bonus

The first step of the bonus hell is to get drunk in the darkness. After a few glasses of beer, you will meet a devil. Three, four or five devils on the reels, regardless of their positions, will trigger the bonus game. On the second floor you will see 5 barrels, you can find items that will offer you various gains. But you may also come across the “it’s over” icon which will cause all the remaining barrels to explode. When there are no more closed barrels left, the second bonus stage occurs.

In the second stage of the bonus game hell, you open the boxes, dishes, hats and wallets and depending on their contents, you get prizes.

Bonus game of chance “black-red”.

It’s easy to double the winnings in this bonus game of chance with the devil. Just choose the color of the card, if it is correct, the winnings will be multiplied right away.