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Do you want to play poker, but have never dared? Live Three Card Poker should take the edge off your apprehensions. This poker variant was originally designed to be an easier version of poker.

As its name suggests, it is played with three cards. With this live version, Evolution Gaming promises a very good gaming experience, accompanied by various bonuses. Beginners and experienced riders alike will find something to enjoy.

Live Three Card Poker mechanics

A game of Live Three Card Poker is very simple. Those who have had the opportunity to practice on a land-based game table will see that it is very similar to real games. This is due in large part to the original rules of Three Card Poker, which are easily transferable to the online version.

Thus, the object of the game is to get a better hand than the dealer with the three cards initially dealt. In addition to the“ante”bet”The player can then place additional bets such as the “Pair Plus” and the “Bonus Six Cards”. These bets can pay up to 1000 times the bet. Once the cards of the players and dealers are revealed¸ the highest hand wins. In this variant, the dealer’s hand must be at least a “Queen High” or it does not qualify.

In terms of outcomes, there are three possible scenarios. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the player wins hisante. If it qualifies, but the player’s hand is worse, he loses his ante . If the player’s is better, the winnings will depend on the hand. The most profitable is the “Mini Royal” (Queen, King, Ace).

Betting at Live Three Card Poker

Like many live poker games,Evolution Gaming ‘s Live Three Card Poker includes bonus features such as Pair Plus and Six Cards. The Pair Plus is a win-win situation where the player builds a hand of a pair or more. The ratios are in the order of 100:1. Six Cards takes into account the six cards of the player and the dealer. It’s all about getting a 5-card poker hand.

Obviously, these bets are made independently of the Live Three Card Poker game. The player can then make money on either side, or on both simultaneously.

Live Three Card Poker features and functions

As you might expect, Live Three Card Poker is branded by Evolution Gaming. Being easily digestible is not the only quality of this live poker.

  • An affordable betting structure: the bets accepted at Three Card Poker start very low (1 euro) before reaching the dizzying height of 25,000 euros. Enough to satisfy all types of players.
  • Sound and image quality control: the player can adapt the game environment as he wishes. He can adjust the video quality, activate or not the sound, or let the system adapt to his internet connection.
  • Regulated play: Three Card Poker is guaranteed legal, safe and impartial thanks to the licensing of trusted bodies such as the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UK Gambling Commission.

🙋 Three Card Poker Frequently Asked Questions

☀️ What is the special feature of “Three card Poker”?

As the name suggests, it is played with three cards, the object of the game being to get a better hand than the dealer with the three cards initially dealt. In addition to the mandatory“ante ” bet, the player can then place additional bets such as the “Pair Plus” and the “Bonus Six Cards” >> Discover this game

✔️What poker variants can be found at EVOLUTION GAMING?

🎯 What strategy can be applied to win at 3 card poker?

The best strategy is to raise if you have at least a Queen, 6 and 4. This game is related to poker hands, the highest card is scored first, then the second highest. If you hold a Queen, you must hold a minimum of a 6 and a minimum of a 4 as a third card. If you were to copy the dealer and raise with any Queen High, then the house edge is 3.45%. Raising from any hand, no matter what, raises the advantage to 7.65%. So it is certainly beneficial to follow at least this basic strategy to restrict the house advantage to the lowest possible rate of 3.37%. The Pair Plus bet is purely based on luck, so there is obviously no strategy involved and it is similar to roulette betting.

❣️What is the house edge in “Three Card Poker”?

The house edge in three-card poker is
3,37 %
on ante and raise bets, and 7.28% on the even-money plus bet. That’s pretty high, 3 Card Poker is not the most advantageous live game for casino players. For comparison, roulette with a single zero is
Blackjack is 0,28% with excellent rules, baccarat is
on the banker and craps is
on the pass line and the bets don’t come in.

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