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Available in an excellent online version, Live Casino HoldEm Poker is the most popular variant of poker. Developed by Evolution Gaming, this live game promises to provide a good game of Hold’Em, but in a lighter version. In the online format, players do not play against each other, but rather against the dealer. To top it all off, Live Casino Hold’Em is adding to the excitement with a jackpot: the Jumbo 7 Jackpot. All in all, this live poker is an excellent variant for both novices and seasoned players.

Live Casino Hold’Em Player

The principles of Live Casino Hold’Em are simple and understandable for any player who wants to learn. The goal is to beat the dealer. It will be enough to have a hand superior to his. Any player can participate in a game, as the number of participants is not limited. Any player can profit as soon as he is ready to pay theante.

The game mechanism respects, on a large part, those of the traditional Texas Holdem. The dealer deals 5 cards face up to all players in a pre-determined pattern. Each player also receives two cards that are visible only to him. As the community cards are dealt, the players bet and perform their action. Once all the cards have been dealt, the hands are broken down. We compare to determine the winners.

The big Jumbo 7 jackpot

The advantage of this version is that it gives players more time to think, which allows them to deploy a small strategy. The luckiest players before the best hand, a straight flush, with all seven cards can aspire to the Jumbo 7 Jackpot. With each game, its value increases until a player gets it.

Live Casino Hold’Em features and functionality

Live Casino Hold’Em has qualities that make it a remarkable game, beyond its gameplay.

Given the nature of the game, the chat option is one of the most enjoyable features of Live Casino Hold’Em. It allows contact between the dealer and the players. This optional feature allows, for example, the dealer to understand the type of players at the table and to adapt to them.

This live casino also has good scalability. Because of the unlimited number of players, Live Casino Hold’Em has set itself a challenge that it has met well. Indeed, a large number of players can participate without it being felt on the game. This instills a sense of inclusion that is very much appreciated by the players. This scalability is an unavoidable quality, because Live Casino Hold’Em is easy to access: its high profitability seduces many online casinos and its compatibility on all media.

Like all Evolution productions, Live Casino Hold’Em is guaranteed to be safe and fair thanks to its licenses from trusted bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission.


  • 24-hour access
  • RTP player payout rate 81.60
  • Minimum bet £0.5 – Maximum bet £1000

Frequently Asked Questions – Live Casino HoldEm

🔝 What is the advantage of live holdem poker?

This poker offers the Jackpot Jumbo 7, the number of players at each table is unlimited, there is no waiting, unlike a land-based casino >> Discover the game

🏆 What live hold’em poker variants are available?

🎯 What are the minimum and maximum bets on this table?

Minimum stake 0.5 €, Maximum stake 1000 €, RTP player payout rate is around 81.6 %, it is possible to bet in crypto currency depending on the online casino

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