Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette

💝 Casino selection for playing on the Lightning Roulette Table “Evolution Gaming”

Evolution Gaming’s flagship roulette game 2021

ICE 2018 gave Lightning Roulette a sneak peek. Since then this new roulette table from Evolution Gaming has entered the market. It is a classic roulette, but is particularly appreciated for its generosity in making big wins from multipliers assigned to random number draws. This creation from Riga (casino developer) promises both an impressive and ultra-lucrative experience for all gambling enthusiasts.

However, before embarking on this entertainment, it is important to read the detailed Lightning roulette review carefully to understand how the game works.

The hit numbers are then covered by a multiplier x50, x100, x200, x300, x500, they allow to win from 50 to 500 times the amount bet on a full number. Lightning Roulette offers an overall player return rate of 97.1%. For numbers not validated by the Lightning Roulette, the payout is still 35 times the bet, which is comparable to the classic roulette payout.

Specificities and progress of the game

With over 10 years of experience, Evolution Gaming continues to innovate with Private Room Roulette, Speed Baccarat, Blackjack Party and many more. He continues to impress us with his variations, including Lightning Roulette. The latter is set up to capture the hearts of players looking for interactive and dynamic entertainment. Basically, this game is based on an automatic European Roulette that incorporates “lucky numbers” that allow for a one-time payout between 50 and 500 times. Not to mention that it has a classic betting and payout system.

More precisely, the game starts as on any type of roulette table by respecting the rules of the cashing of bets. This way, you can make all the usual bets. But only full bets will be taken into account. This phase is managed by a dealer. With a microphone in his or her hand, he or she will give a real show lasting a few dozen seconds.

Behind him a black screen lights up to better see the cells that carry each number of the wheel. The dealer pushes a button that starts a random number generator. Then, followed by the lightning bolts, it will designate between 1 and 5 chance numbers and the win multiplier will be applied to each of them for that round (x50, x100, x200, x300, x400 or x500). If one of the numbers wins on the spin and you have made a full bet on it, you will not receive the 30, but the amount of your bet will be multiplied by the multiplier linked to the lucky number in question.

Interface and game environment

The interface and the game environment are certainly one of the great features of this system. To guarantee a unique spectacle in every game and to captivate the attention of the players, Evolution Gaming has chosen a revolutionary game environment. The Lightning Roulette sessions are broadcast from a specially designed studio in Riga.

You will enjoy a prestigious atmosphere with a new style of decoration administered by shiny black combined with red and gold. Chances numbers are clearly displayed on the screen with lightning bolts to make the display even more breathtaking. As for the game interface, it is designed according to a well-defined structure. It’s smooth and clear, and offers different angles on the Roulette wheel, the dealer and the odds screen. When these are revealed, you can visibly see lightning bolts being triggered on the miniature version of the betting table.

Live casino and Lightning Roulette

More than 15 online roulettes are filmed from 11 land-based casinos, not to mention several live roulettes in the studios and a wide variety of online blackjack or baccarat tables. Of all these games, Lightning roulette is the most popular among live gambling enthusiasts. It must be said that its big plus lies in the roulette multiplier feature with a possibility of winning up to 500 times its bet.

Playing Bitcoin at Lightning Roulette

For owners of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you have the opportunity to play on Lightning Roulette at partner casinos. These online casinos allow you to have fun and try your luck at the best online roulette fromEvolution Gaming in crypto. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero, Zcash or Bitcoin cash are accepted crypto currencies.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions

👍 What is the specificity of Lightning Roulette?

It is a classic roulette appreciated by its generosity, from the multipliers, it make win big! Discover this roulette table

❣️ What are the other EVOLUTION GAMING roulette tables?

Among the tables of Roulette with live dealer, there are 3 types: Specific studio tables like the Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, Roulette La Partage, Mini Roulette, Immersive Roulette and the roulette tables in private rooms – native language roulette tables and finally tables in land-based casinos such as Casino Dragonara, Casino Bucharest, London Casino

🍀 What are the minimum and maximum bets on the Lightning Roulette table?

In general, players have the possibility to bet from 10 cents of euro, the maximum bets can reach 20 000 euros, with a rate of return for the player close to 97.5%.

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