Instant Roulette

instant roulette

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A fast-paced game concept

Evolution Gaming ‘s innovative new design is called Instant Roulette. This game consists of a set that works around 12 European casters in action. Its big plus is that it reveals to the player that the draw is instantaneous after betting. This feat is possible because one of the 12 casters will bring out a result at any time.

What is the particularity of Instant Roulette?

The principle of Instant Roulette is not to be satisfied with a single Auto Roulette. Indeed, in this game table, there are 12 cylinders that turn at the same time with a tiny time difference. Each cylinder is set to stop every minute.

12 ivory balls come to rest alternately on a square with a number every minute. This is equivalent to offering a new print every 5 seconds. With such a rhythm, the games can be played without any dead time.

12 draws per minute: with great clockwork precision, each roulette cylinder receives a luminous halo during the few seconds preceding the draw. Indeed, we see 12 illuminations per minute which corresponds to a print every 5 seconds.

Play Now Button: Instant Roulette does not have a countdown timer. The Play Now button starts the game. The player is then master of the tempo. He has the option of going through the rounds quickly or taking his time to bet without being bothered by a countdown option.

Evolution Gaming Touch: Evolution Gaming is known for the ultimate in aesthetics and design with each new concept. However, the pleasure of the game goes through the satisfaction of the visual.

Crypto-currency roulette players will be able to play in Bitcoin with Bitcasino. They will enjoy instant Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals without difficulty.

Features of Instant Roulette

  • Designer: Evolution Gaming
  • Live studio from Riga, Latvia
  • Auto roulette with 12 synchronized wheels
  • Rules and reports: European roulette
  • No dealer
  • Frequency: ultra fast
  • Time to bet: unlimited
  • Minimum bet: £0.10
  • Maximum limit: €5000
  • Redistribution rate: 97.3
  • Availability: 24 hours a day

It is worth mentioning that Evolution Gaming’s main competitor, Authentic Gaming has been broadcasting VIP Auto Roulette since 2017, based on 3 reels with a draw every minute.

The biggest live game software currently offers various auto-routers. And these lives don’t require a dealer to be present, but they do focus on the essentials, namely the safe draw. Generally, the player benefits from a very fast game rhythm.

During July 2020, live game developer Evolution Gaming went one step further in launching the Instant Roulette live game. This table does not impose any dead time, but it does allow you to play at your own pace with up to 3 games per minute.

How to play this Live Instant Roulette?

Instant Roulette live game follows the usual rules in terms of European roulette. It has cylinders with 37 cells each numbered from 0 to 36. There is only one green square and no double zero.

🙋 “Instant Roulette” Frequently Asked Questions

👍What is the specificity of the live instant roulette game?

The Instant Roulette has 12 simultaneous automatic wheels >> Discover Instant Roulette

📱 Can we play on the tablet or smartphone at the “Instant roulette” table?

Yes, this Evolution Gaming game is designed to run on a smartphone or tablet environment

🍀 What are the betting limits on the Instant Roulette table?

minimum bet is £0.1, maximum bet on full numbers is £5000

❣️What is the pace of play on EVOLUTION GAMING’s live Instant Roulette?

A ball is released every 5 seconds on one of the 12 automatically managed tables

❣️ What roulette tables does EVOLUTION GAMING offer?

Among the tables of Roulette with live dealer, players will find 3 possibilities of games: The specific tables in studio like the Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, Roulette La Partage, Mini Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette and Private room roulette tables – Native language roulette tables and tables in land-based casinos such as Casino Dragonara, Casino Bucharest, London Casino

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