Jackpot Fugaso Airlines

Jackpot Fugaso Airlines

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Fasten your seatbelt and discover the Fugaso Airlines slot machine!

Airlines Fugaso is a slot game created by Fugaso and released in May 2019. It is a unique slot that has two gauges to fill to trigger the most interesting features. Flight attendants hand out multipliers and free spins during this plane ride. In addition to these fantastic options, Fugaso Airlines is also part of the range of slot machines that offer progressive jackpots.

Stay on this page to find out everything about this game, the graphics, the technical information you should not overlook and the amazing features of the game with all the bonuses.

Game interface

Fugaso Airlines invites you to live an adventure in a futuristic airplane in full flight. Everything you see is smooth and chrome-plated to give you the impression of being in a spaceship. Moreover, the soundtrack in the background reinforces this feeling. At the back left are seats and at the back right you have a kind of mini bar.

Two stewardesses stand beside the rollers and hold devices in the form of long flat screens. These are in fact, the two gauges to be filled with energy balls thanks to the winning combinations achieved. This option also unlocks bonus features. Special attention has been given to the graphics, which is one of the criteria that make Fugaso a popular developer.

The game interface is simple and easy to understand. However, with colors everywhere and so much detail on the background, the game requires some concentration to easily find the necessary buttons. If we are used to see the Spin button in the center, in Fugaso Airlines it is on the right side of the reels. There is also an “auto spin” button to activate the automatic spins.

Presentation and game play

In the basic game, you will find the buttons that allow you to adjust the value of the pieces. On the left is the bet amount and the number of win lines. At the bottom, you have the balance, the bet and the total winnings. The sum of the three jackpots is displayed in the center.

Overall, the game is super fun and has a dynamic pace thanks to the built-in bonus features. Between the extra spins, multipliers and bonuses, players really have a lot to win in this slot.

Having a winning combination in Fugaso Airlines allows you to hit raises that also trigger more paylines. If you manage to destroy all the blocks that are in the way, you will have direct access to the other bonus features.

Remember that Fugaso Airlines is also available in mobile version. It works on all mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. The game remains well readable and clear even on smartphone screens.

What about symbols?

As far as symbols are concerned, you have mostly futuristic objects that are related to the plane. For example, we see touch screens, airplane seats, server robots…

Classic symbols can earn up to 25 coins. But there are also those that pay up to 30 coins and the most expensive symbols can pay a maximum of 40 coins. The robot waiter symbol is the highest paying symbol, it can award winnings of 250 to 500 coins.

Features in Fugaso Airlines

You must surely understand how it works with the bonus features in Fugaso Airlines. First, let’s look at re-spins or re-rolls. Each winning combo awards raises, and the raises work as free spins. You benefit from the raises as long as you make winning combinations. But also, this way you unlock all 3125 ways to win.

In the main game you have 12 blockers on the reels, with each winning formation the winning symbol releases a yellow energy ball that will destroy one of the blockers. Once all blockers are removed, the yellow energy balls turn blue or red and will be needed for the next features.

However, the red balls contribute to the extra flights gauge which will give you re-rolls for each lost turn to give you a second chance. Those colored in blue contribute to the offer of earnings multipliers. These contribute to the win multiplier gauge, which is favourable for making larger payouts.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Jackpot Fugaso Airlines”

👌 What is the specificity of the Fugaso Airlines slot machine

fugaso airlines

You benefit from the raises, so you unlock all 3125 ways to win. >> Discover the Fugaso Airlines slot machine

🎰 What other jackpot slots does FUGASO Gaming Supplier have?

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🍀 What is the RTP player redistribution rate of the Fugaso Airlines slot machine?

The RTP is close to 96%.

🍹 Is this slot machine available in free demo version?

Yes indeed, you have the possibility to test this online game for free like many online slots.

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