Dual Play Roulette

Dual Play Roulette

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Evolution – Dual Play Roulette

Dual Play Roulette is considered a premium version of the live casino. Designed by Evolution Gaming, a publisher specializing in live casinos, it is an amazing experience that allows you to play at land-based tables without having to leave your screen. It is part of Evolution’s “Dual Play” series, along with its counterpart Dual Play Baccarat.


Dual Play Roulette is an online roulette game. It takes place in the form of a very special live casino which makes it one of the best live casino options on the market. This is because live casinos are usually filmed from studios. The Dual Play version, on the other hand, consists of a live transmission of a table game from a land-based casino. Online players participate in the games played there by betting and wagering from their computer, just as they would in a regular online casino game.

Dual Play Roulette promises the most authentic experience possible for a live casino fan. Evolution’s Dual Play Roulette was broadcast live for the first time from Dragonara Casino in Malta. Since then, other establishments have been added to the list, including Casino Malta by Olympic Casino.

Automatically induced by this feature, the types of roulette wheels may vary depending on the host land casino. But most often, playing Dual Play Roulette involves playing on a 37-slot European roulette wheel, from 0 to 36.


Dual Play Roulette may be a very addictive version, but it is still an Evolution product. It is quite natural to find his touch.

  • Unique experience Dual Play Roulette tables have a unique identity as they are shot in several different casinos. Depending on the casino, you may come across an American roulette (double zero), although it is more often a European roulette. The same goes for the atmosphere and the decor. In addition, the different profiles of the players who come and go guarantee a certain diversity and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Multiple cameras and multiple shots are possible: however, players cannot switch between the angles as they wish. The player only has control over the video quality, which can be adjusted according to the quality of the internet connection.
  • Unlimited number of players: Dual Play Roulette tables accept all players who wish to play. This is a significant advantage, as this version of roulette is not as common as the others, which would require a lot of effort to find a free table.
  • Ergonomic interface: a person used to online roulette will find all the usual features (statistics, history, chat, betting area) without getting confused. The betting area is small enough to allow a lot of live action.

Play Dual Play Roulette

Dual Play Roulette is a live broadcast of a game played on a land-based table. Quite naturally, a game follows its own rhythm and can be fast or quite slow. Obviously, this version is played like any other roulette game. When placing bets, the online player will be notified by the famous “place your bet”. He wins if the ivory ball falls on his prediction (a number, a color). He loses his bet when this is not the case. Almost all players lose when the ball ends up on the green 0 square.

Because Dual Play Roulette combines all the conditions of the classic casinos, it is also an opportunity to test in real conditions the various strategies of betting and Martingale.

Paris and reports

Dual Play Roulette is a classic roulette game. For example, an experienced roulette player will have no trouble remembering the different bets available: straight up (one number), corner bet (four numbers), dozen bet (twelve numbers) or red/black. Of course, there are others.

The reports depend on the practices of the house. On European roulette, a straight up can win 35 times the bet, a corner 8 times and a dozen 2 times. Red/black is one of the lowest paying bets, as it only pays once the initial bet. In short, the riskiest bets are the ones that pay off the most.

The payout rate varies from roulette to roulette, but it is most often around 94% (American roulette) and 97% (European roulette).

πŸ™‹ “Dual Play Roulette” Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ‘ What are the other EVOLUTION GAMING roulette tables?

There are 3 types of Roulette tables with live dealers: Native language roulette tables and land-based casino tables such as Casino Dragonara, Casino Bucharest, London Casino – Specific studio tables such as the Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, Roulette La Partage, Mini Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette and roulette tables in private rooms

❣️ What is the specificity of Dual Play Roulette?

The Dual Play version consists of a live broadcast of a table game from a land-based casino >> Read More

πŸ€ What are the minimum and maximum bets on Dual Play Roulette?

In general, minimum bet of 10 cents, maximum bet can be up to 500 € on a full number

πŸ“± Can you play Speed Roulette on a mobile phone?

Yes, the Dual Play Roulette is designed to work on a Smartphone or tablet environment

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