Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette

💝 Evolution Gaming Table Selection: “Double Ball Roulette”

Launched by Evolution Gaming in 2016, Double Ball Roulette is an online variant of roulette, already present in most land-based casinos. Like the other live casino games developed by this leader in the field, Double Ball Roulette is carefully crafted, a clever mix of design and suspense. High quality images are coupled with elegant settings. And in the midst of this beautiful rendition, a dealer turns each draw into a real show.

As a variant, Double Ball Roulette obviously has some special features that make it so interesting. You can tell pretty quickly from the name, but the game involves two marbles. In other words, there are two winning numbers and twice the chance of winning.

Apart from the existence of two balls, Double Ball Roulette also has a small peculiarity: a second betting area. Gold color, it allows to bring back a little more. What’s more, the prospects of big gains are only possible in this area. When the player places a bet on the gold area of the table, a bonus is earned when both balls end up on the same number, triggering a payout of 1300 times your bet.

The originality of the variants also lies in their rules. If the principle is the same, some rules make and break the players’ chances. For example, if the two balls both land on the same number, the payout can be up to a thousand times the bet.

Features of the “Double Ball Roulette

In a nutshell, Double Ball Roulette is a variant of European roulette with one zero and two balls. It is developed by Evolution Gaming and is produced directly from a studio in London with no downtime. Statistics on the last 500 draws are available to players.

In terms of game play, the draw frequency is 60 seconds, with a 15 second wagering delay. These bets are capped at €500, but start at €0.20 with a payout rate peaking at 97.3%. The images of the draws are of great quality, they ensure a guaranteed show, combining suspense, aesthetics and adrenaline, one of the best roulette tables with live dealer.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions Double Ball Roulette

📱 Can we play on tablet at the Double Ball Roulette table?

Yes, this Evolution Gaming game is designed to run on a smartphone or tablet environment

🍀 What are the minimum and maximum bets on the Double Ball table?

Some online casinos offer minimum bets of 20 cents, the maximum bet can be up to €500 on a full number > Read the review

❣️ What roulette tables does EVOLUTION GAMING offer?

Among the tables of Roulette with live dealer, players will find 3 possibilities of games: The specific tables in studio like the Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, Roulette La Partage, Mini Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette and Private room roulette tables – Native language roulette tables and tables in land-based casinos such as Casino Dragonara, Casino Bucharest, London Casino

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