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Crazy Time

💝 Casino Selection: Crazy Time “Wheel of Fortune” Evolution Gaming

Renowned online game developer Evolution Gaming is enjoying great success with its impressive live tables for casino enthusiasts. However, this publisher has also developed new online games inspired by TV games while offering a real show with a professional staging following a cutting from all angles. You get this quality of play in Dreamcatcher, Deal or No Deal Live and Crazy Time. The latter title is the most expensive live casino.

Offered in a very colourful setting, Crazy Time is presented live by a flesh-and-blood host. He does the show to ensure entertaining games to avoid some dead time. This game is an animated show that takes place around a wheel similar to the one in Dreamcatcher. The “Wheel of Fortune” incorporates 54 sections, 45 of which are linked to multipliers (up to x10) and 9 sections that allow you to play 4 bonus games, namely, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.

Thanks to an animation made by a costumed companion, Crazy Time is a game far from being boring. It is very popular for its frequent bonus games, all-time multipliers and payouts. Indeed, it is normal that he is at the head of the roulette games.

A comparison between Crazy Time and Monopoly Live was made, Crazy Time stands out for its uniqueness, as it does not reference any existing game.

The 4 bonus games are original and developed at Evolution Gaming Casinos, the leader in aesthetics and technology in online gaming innovation. 9 of the 54 segments of the wheel allow participants to fall on the bonus games. That is, on average, one bonus game every 6 draws. This high frequency is beneficial so that you don’t have to wait too long for the high paying moments of the Crazy Time game. This option still differentiates it from Monopoly Live, which offers bonus play once every 13.5 draws on average.

In January 2021, the game Crazy Time counts at certain times more than 5,000 players simultaneously . This explains why it is one of the most attractive games at Evolution Gaming.

The 4 bonus games of Crazy Time

The Crazy Time wheel really stands out from a classic Wheel of Fortune because of the scenery and the ultimate show it offers. Moreover, its host is real and moves with dynamism and enthusiasm according to the draws made to activate the famous bonuses.

Top Slot Multiplier

Before the wheel is spun, a large 2-reel slot, called Top Slot defines a segment and a complementary multiplier that will apply directly to the next spin.

Bonus games

The wheel has 54 sections of which 9 sections lead to bonus games. Costumed entertainers ensure a warm atmosphere in a huge colourful decoration. This allows the player to experience an unparalleled sensation during the sessions of these interactive games. These games are both fast and rewarding. They offer remarkable payouts through a combination of multipliers.

  • Patchinko: the host drops an electronic ball on a screen filled with baffles. The launch point is determined randomly according to a light zone. The light ball lands in a row where each location is linked to a prize in the form of a multiplier. On Patchinko, the possibilities of winning are multiplied by 2 or by 100. These can be further boosted by the Top Slot multiplier up to x50. The most interesting part of Patchinko is to hit “Double;” repeatedly to get new throws and visibly increase the payout. When you have multiple Double outs, the payout is capped at 10,000 times the bet.
  • Coin Flip : This is a mini game that appears to be the most basic of the bonus games. It incorporates a token with a red and a blue side that turns on itself and stops automatically. Each facet shows a multiplier. Next, a coin toss of blue and red heads is ordered to designate the applicable face and payout multiplier. On Coin flip you can get winnings from x2 to x100 and the Top Slot multiplier is available to boost the odds to another x50. Indeed, the theoretical payout can be as high as 5,000 times the bet.
  • Cash Hunt: A giant screen displays 180 visible symbols that are linked to bet multipliers. The lever that hides the symbols is operated by an animator and makes them move. A cannon sight helps the player to target the symbol of his choice. When this is flipped, the symbol then reveals a multiplier. On Cash Hunt, the payout possibilities range from 5x to 100x and can be increased by the Top Slot multiplier up to 50x. Thus, there is a theoretical winning potential of up to 5,000 times the bet.
  • Crazy Time: In this game, the host enters the stage through a red door. Once you arrive, you will find a huge magical universe at the heart of which reigns a wheel of 64 segments. It only has the multiplier segments of the Double and Triple sections that lead to a wheel restart after recording x2 or x3. It should be noted that some players are reaching levels never before seen in a live Wheel of Fortune.

On the Crazy Time Ferris wheel, winnings are multiplied by 15 to 200 times and are boosted by the Top Slot multiplier x50 and the Double or Triple sections. The theoretical winning potential is capped by publisher Evolution Gaming at 20,000x the stake in the case of multiple Double or Triple segment draws. This Crazy Time wheel distributes segments that vary depending on the session such as the level of multipliers and the number of Double or Triple sections.

The average return to player is 95.6%, but this figure varies slightly depending on the segment on which the bet is made.

Crazy Time has a high volatility, the total winnings on one move are capped at â‚Ŧ500,000 by Evolution Gaming. However, the 160000 x bet multiplier is no longer to be considered as it creates too many conjunctions to be realistic. On the other hand, 5-digit multipliers are available with a more reasonable payout possibility.

How do I choose a Bitcoin casino to play at Crazy Time?

Several Bitcoin casinos currently offer Evolution Gaming games, but not all of them are reliable. What you need to do is to look at the safe bet that are the pioneers of Crypto currency gambling who are used to guaranteeing the payouts of big wins.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Crazy Time Evolution Gaming

👍 What is the specificity of Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is inspired by the Dream Catcher game but offers 4 bonus games with a high winning potential

🎰 What are the minimum and maximum bet limits?

The basic bet starts at 0.1 â‚Ŧ and can reach 2500 â‚Ŧ, a wheel of fortune adapted to all player profiles

💲 What is the maximum payout on Crazy Time?

Total winnings on any one move are capped at â‚Ŧ500,000 by Evolution Gaming. However, the 160,000 x bet multiplier is no longer relevant as it creates too many parameters to be realistic. On the other hand, 5-digit multipliers are available with a more reasonable payout possibility. Find out more

💰 What is the payout rate to players in the Crazy Time live game?

Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time live game in 2021 has a return rate of around 95.6%.

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