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By launching a new hybrid game that combines the spinning of a retro slot with the charm of a live hostess game, Evolution Gaming is creating a new category that is a natural outcome of its partnership with slot publisher Netent. Its name alone, Crazy Coin Flip, should not leave the afficionados of the very popular CrazyTime indifferent.

The success of a game already released is a great inspiration for suppliers to create other versions. This is what the great game developer Evolution Gaming has done by creating Crazy Coin Flip, a title inspired by Crazy Time Live.

This new live slot game that’s bursting with originality was added to Evolution Gaming’s game portfolio a short while ago. This new concept offered is the perfect combination of RNG slot elements and modern live game features. The developer has put a lot of effort into the launch of this game to allow its fans to enjoy an exciting game with a pleasant setting. Let’s find out the features of the game together in this article, and then you’ll just have to try your luck and go hunting for multipliers.

  • Unique combination of slot and live game
  • Corner Flip with extreme multipliers
  • Crazy Time universe from an exhilarating angle

Discovering Crazy Coin Flip by Evolution

Crazy Coin Flip is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful achievements of the Evolution Gaming team. Classified as a hybrid game, the slot maintains a retro feel, but like any other recently launched live game, it is also presented by charming dealers. Evolution’s collaboration with slot machine publisher Netent is a big part of what inspired him to create this amazing machine.

Crazy Coin Flip is a game that is sure to please those who love the famous Crazy Time as the game settings are similar. Both games take you into an atmosphere reminiscent of the early 20th century. Evolution Gaming has really gone for simplicity in launching this title, as it is indeed one of the Crazy Time bonus games that uses a 5-reel slot machine. The principle of the game is quite simple since the players will have to make a Heads or Tails. They will actually have to bet for a Red or a Blue during a game.

Game features

  • Live Coin Flip game accessible via a slot
  • Operator : Evolution
  • Studio : live from Riga Latvia
  • Frequency: continuous
  • 5-roll qualifying slot
  • Top Up Slot with 3 rolls
  • Basic multiplier x5 to x100
  • Bets: £0.10 to £50 at DublinBet
  • Possibility of automatic play
  • Operation : 24/24
  • Return rate: 96.05%.
  • Return rate: 95.06% for Top Up
  • Volatility: very high
Crazy Coin Flip

How does it work?

In the Crazy Time game the access to Coin Flip is determined by a segment of the Wheel. Here it is the display of 3 Scatters on a 5 reel slot machine that qualifies. Once this first test is completed, you cross the curtain after a few seconds in front of the 3 reels of a slot to try to boost your winnings. Then you can finally participate in a show as short as lucrative with the random drawing of the 2 basic multipliers. They will then be combined with those collected by the player via the 2 slots.

Initial 5 Reel Slot: This is a qualifying slot machine, the player’s sole objective is to land 3 Scatters with the word “Coin Flip” on the middle reels. It is important to specify that at this stage, we play independently. It is possible to qualify faster by activating the XXXtreme mode. This option costs 5 times the base bet but guarantees a Scatter on every turn. There is also a Super XXXtreme mode that provides 2 Scatters for a rather dissuasive price of 50 times the bet.

3 Reel Top Up Slot: This second slot machine allows for increased multipliers. It is offered as an option and its use has a cost. The reels are entirely covered with blue or red symbols with rather seductive levels. It is possible to increase your bet from the previous slot level. This has the effect of increasing the multiplier amounts. The player has a handful of seconds to get an extra factor (1 in 4 chances). To do this, you need to put 3 symbols of the same color (blue or red) on the middle line. Once the uniform color line is reached, the values are added together to combine with the base multiplier.

Live Coin Flip: This part of the game is common to all qualified participants who are currently eligible for this coin flip. The hostess places the two-colored token with a blue and a red side on a stand that propels it into the air. Each color has a randomly determined base multiplier (between x5 and x100). They are common to all qualifiers, however, each one will complete it with the multipliers attached to the Scatters (up to x10) and those that were eventually collected through the Top Up. Once dropped, the chip shows the winning color and allows you to pocket the corresponding winnings.

Features of Crazy Coin Flip

Knowing the main features of a game will help you to be on the safe side when you decide to play. In the case of Crazy Coin Flip, this game developed by Evolution Gaming, the main information to remember is about the betting limits, payouts and features that have been added.

Crazy Coin Flip by Evolution Gaming is a game broadcast directly from a studio located in Riga, Latvia. Each game is hosted by a real dealer. You can play at any time, as the game is available 24 hours a day.

The game uses 5 reels for the qualifying slot and 3 reels for the Top Up slot. The principle is quite easy to assimilate, as it is about trying to acquire as many scatter symbols as possible in order to access the bonus game. These are the scatter symbols that will bring in multipliers, and these will determine the size of your winnings. Multipliers range from 5x to 100x in Crazy Coin Flip.

As far as the betting limits are concerned, bettors place a minimum of €0.10 and a maximum of €50. It is important to note that these limits can change from one casino to another. The game comes with a possibility to switch to an autopilot mode. Note that despite its very high volatility, Crazy Coin Flip has an RTP of 96.05% for the qualifying slot and 95.06% for the top up.

Presentation of the video interface

Those who are tempted by a game of Crazy Coin Flip will be welcomed in a studio where red and gold dominate. Most of the decorative elements are red and blue. The atmosphere is both intriguing and warm.

The slot machine used in the game is, on the other hand, quite simple at first glance. It’s not the look that counts though, it’s the winnings, and Crazy Coin Flip is a game that can pay off big.

How to play Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Coin Flip?

It is important to understand the rules of the game and the flow of a game to avoid mistakes that can lead to losses. With Crazy Coin Flip, you don’t have to worry about anything because there’s nothing complicated about it.

This 5-reel slot from Evolution Gaming has 10 paylines. The main bet today has an RTP of 96.05%.

Once the game is loaded, press “Play Now” to start a game. Just follow the arrows to see the rules of the game, which are displayed very clearly. Each round begins with a wagering period during which players must place their bets by wagering between €0.10 and €50 per round. The betting option must also be chosen in advance. Once the bet is placed, press “Turn” to proceed to the next step.

Those who want to have an even better chance of accessing the bonus game can activate the XXTREME SPINS. To do this, you can opt for a guaranteed scatter, starting at a minimum of 5x your bet per spin, or two guaranteed scatters, starting at a minimum of 50x your bet per spin. Please note, however, that this feature does not guarantee you access to any bonus game. This simply increases your chances.

What can we say about multipliers?

Multipliers are a very important part of a game of chance. The same goes for Crazy Coin Flip.

Once you enter the Crazy Coin Flip bonus game, three reels will greet you. Two symbols will appear: the red coin and the blue coin. Each part has its own multiplier. Your winnings will be multiplied by the number displayed on the board each time you manage to line up 3 pieces of the same color. The higher the bet amount, the higher the multiplier value.

Live Coin Flip, bonus rounds

Not all players are lucky enough to reach the famous bonus rounds. Those who are eligible should pay particular attention to the flow of the game once the Heads or Tails game begins.

Once you reach the bonus games, you will see a chip with a blue and a red side. A dealer will place this chip on a booster which will determine the outcome of the game. Each color has its own multiplier and the value usually varies from x5 to x100.

At the end of the game, all multipliers will be used to bring out the winnings of those who bet on the winning color. The lucky ones can walk away with huge amounts of money.


With the launch of Crazy Coin Flip, Evolution Gaming is offering bettors a brand new concept that is sure to appeal to slot machine enthusiasts. Those who love high volatility games will surely find it very interesting. What is also certain is that the game arouses a lot of curiosity among those who love to test new titles.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Crazy Coin Flip”

🌴 What is the Crazy Coin Flip?

crazy coin flip live

Designed by Evolution, Crazy Coin Flip is a hybrid game that combines the features of a 5-reel slot with those of a live game with an announcer. All Crazy Time players will recognize the Coin Flip bonus game on which Crazy Coin Flip is based. To reach the live game, you must qualify by showing 3 Scatters on the reels. The objective is to maximize the final multiplier through 3 lucrative steps.

🍀 What is the maximum multiplier on Crazy Coin Flip?

The level of multipliers is not limited, so it can be very high thanks to the combination of the 3 random draw sources:
Scatters multipliers
Top Up multipliers
Coin Flip multipliers
The maximum gain is capped at €500,000

🍉 Can we avoid the initial qualification phase?

To be able to access the live game, it is imperative to qualify. You can’t remove this stage but you can shorten it by buying the guarantee of having up to 2 of the 3 scatters on the reels with the Super XXXtreme mode. These rush purchases are usually quite expensive.

🌞 What is the return rate to the player of the Crazy Coin Flip?

The RTP is 96.05% in the initial phase of the game (5-reel slot) and reaches 95.06% when using the 3-reel Top Up slot. Crazy Coin Flip is a highly volatile game.

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