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Classification of software publishers and live casino games:

The job of a game developer implies a perfect knowledge of the tastes and needs of casino players. To move in this direction, companies must be able to master digital technology to produce compelling games. The design of games also involves preliminary tests and surveys, with the aim of attracting new players with ever more innovative features. The goal of each “casino software” is to produce more and more “Hits Games”.

In the last decade, we have seen the emergence of new providers offering stunning games with new features and presenting unique and exciting designs. Features such as bonus games and themed or 3D video slots, Jackpots have been re-invented and improved. Live dealer tables have been introduced with a variety of variations.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of software designers and developers. In fact, software vendors are often seen as the backbone of all operations. They are the ones who develop the platforms and games we all love to play, and it is because of their creativity that this industry continues to thrive.

Regardless of the online company you wish to play for, the software determines the quality of your online gaming experience. Because of this, knowing which provider is the best is a big step in the process of selecting where you want to play. When it comes to online games, it will be important to know the payout rate, such as the volatility of the game, which will give you a definite advantage over other players. The pioneer publishers of casino games are Playtech, Microgaming, or Evolution Gaming

Live game publishers

There are more than 12 game publishers that specialize in camera-based gaming tables, The live casino is indeed very popular because it reassures customers, the draws are indeed controlled and honest, the games offered refer to the tables of land casinos but also TV games:

Publishers offering Jackpot games

The games offering jackpots attract many players, on the Internet the largest jackpots exceed several million euros, there are several types of jackpots, the dis local jackpots (specific to an online casino), the Progressive jackpots managed by a casino game publisher who receives a small percentage of each wager in all online casinos using the slot machine. Progressive jackpots can reach several million dollars. On the other hand, local jackpots, mini jackpots and daily jackpots are obtained more frequently.

Among the classic casino game providers, there are:

Casino providers specific to mobile gaming

More and more slot machine or video poker games are accessible on several media and technologies (Html 5, Java, Flash)

New publishers without geographical constraints

There are a small number of online casino game publishers that provide their development regardless of the player’s geographical location.

Major game publishers

The major casino game publishers are characterized by the size of their game libraries and their ability to provide machines with progressive jackpots

Casino suppliers : virtual races and virtual sports

If you like virtual betting, some publishers offer you to bet on greyhound races, horse races, jumping jacks, bicycle races, Formula 1 races, Ping Pong, Basketball, football games, hockey games ….

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