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Discover the casino business in Saint Martin, an island in the West Indies, divided between France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is the Caribbean’s premier gambling destination with its 15 or so casinos. For such a small area, this is a large number, and it promises just as many games. In addition to its paradisiacal beaches and its feverish nights, the island of Saint-Martin promises a very pleasant stay to the big game lovers.

Land-based casinos in Saint-Martin

To enjoy the many casinos in this mini Las Vegas, you have to go to the south, more often called St Maarten. Indeed, the gambling establishments are all located on the southern Dutch part of the island, which is very open to gambling, while the French north remains quite strict. Fortunately, travel is very free from one point of the island to another and allows you to enjoy the casinos without any problems. The first casinos of St Maarten are 30 minutes away from Marigot, capital of the French North.

Casino Royale

Located at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, Casino & Spa, it is one of the largest casinos on the island with its 6,000m2. It offers slot machines, table games (roulette, poker, blackjack) and sports betting on the world’s biggest leagues. It also hosts the Wolrd Series of poker Circuit Event, which is more for amateur poker players. Casino Royale has also set up private rooms where the bets are more exorbitant. >> See the site

Princess Casino:

open all day, it is one of the most famous of Saint-Martin. It offers all the arsenal of the good casino since the 90s: slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. It is very appreciated for its decor and its good atmosphere, punctuated by shows and raffles.

The Hollywood Casino:

It is a casino with a very modern and glamorous look that lives up to its name. Conveniently located near Simon Bay’s main hotels, it has large rooms for roulette and slot machines. Private rooms are also available for poker enthusiasts.

A dozen other casinos also offer slot machines and numerous gaming tables to satisfy casino lovers such as Atlantis World, Tropicana Casino, Diamond CASINO and Coliseum Princess Casino.

Online casinos in Saint-Martin

Alongside this proliferation of casinos, there are online casinos. While land-based casinos have the friendly but dynamic atmosphere of the gaming tables, online casinos are still appreciated for their advantages: easy access, bonuses, etc.

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Legality of the casino in Saint Martin

As the island is made up of two different nations, different arrangements can also be expected.

In the north, in Saint-Martin, the French legislation is followed. Online casinos are prohibited unless authorized by the National Gaming Authority (ANJ, formerly ARJEL). The list of these casinos is available on the ANJ website. Even legal casinos in other countries are banned.

In the South, the situation is becoming more blurred. Indeed, St Maarten is free to establish its own laws, even though it is linked to the Netherlands, except in the area of defence. Until now, there has been no law governing online gambling. Licensing is currently suspended. That said, players wishing to play at casinos operating from abroad can still do so.

Reliability of the casino in Saint Martin

The poker sites authorized in St. Maarten follow the standards of the ANJ. They respect, among other obligations, the integrity of the games, the security of the data, the implementation of mechanisms against addiction to games (betting limits, refusal of those banned from playing, etc.).

For Dutch Sint Maarteners, the laxity of the authorities allows them to play at legal and licensed casinos operating from abroad. These casinos follow the rules of good practice of their legislating country, including Curaçao or Malta. Fortunately, these rules ensure the interests of the players. Although they can vary significantly, the criteria for obtaining these licenses concern: the integrity of the games, the solvency of the casino (and therefore the ability to pay the winnings) and the protection of data on the site. The list is not exhaustive.


Online betting and poker platforms comply with the technical specifications required by the CNA. The players of Saint-Martin are thus assured to play on safe sites. In addition, this situation makes it easier to settle disputes and other minor problems.

More generally, online casinos similar to those accessible from St Maarten are required to encrypt data exchanged on their platform. Recognizable by the small padlock and the HTTPS of the URL, this guarantees the security of the information entrusted by the players.

Casino games in Saint Martin

The sites accredited by the ANJ concentrate mainly on sports betting, lottery and poker. In terms of casino games, poker is the only option, as it is considered a game of skill. St. Martin players have a choice of several dozen different operators.

On the other side of the island, where there is safe access to more diverse online casinos, the offer can be more interesting. Of course, card games are becoming more diverse with multiple variations of blackjack and baccarat. The usual slot machines and English or American roulette wheels. Depending on the casino, St Maarten players have access to more contrasting games like Wheel of Fortune adaptations, betting, etc.


On both sides of the island of Saint Martin, casino lovers can expect to get bonuses. Bonuses have become a tradition in online casinos, and they differ from one site to another. In the majority of cases, these are :

  • Amount of money: the value varies, but it is often used to bet and wager on the casino that offers it. A good way to discover the services of the casino, it is more often offered after registration as a welcome.
  • Free Spins: The player is offered free play on certain games such as slot machines.

Be careful, though, because the most exorbitant bonuses are not always the best. Some bonuses impose conditions that are sometimes impossible to meet.


Following a long-established standard, all online casinos are accessible on mobile (smartphones, tablets) and computer. Provided you have a good enough smartphone and a smooth internet connection, hundreds of casino games are within reach of players in St. Maarten.

Possible casino currencies in Saint Martin

The common currencies in Sint Maarten are the euro and the Netherlands Antilles guilder. The dollar is also accepted by all businesses on the island. For a player based in St. Martin, the conditions are similar and he will be able to use the currencies he is used to.

Fans of virtual currencies can also use them at online casinos. As one of the first industries to accept it, many casinos accept cryptocurrency withdrawals and deposits.

Casino reviews in Saint Martin

From Sint Maarten as well as from all over the world, choosing to play at online casinos is not easy, especially when you are a first-timer. The quickest way to get an idea of a casino’s games and services is to ask about its reputation. Just look at the magazines that regularly test platforms. You can also check out what other players are saying on the forums. The last option is to form your own initial opinion.

You will have to evaluate some important elements of the casino: its license, certifications, the size of its game library and the diversity of its payment methods. We just have to make sure they fit our needs.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions – “Casino in Saint Martin”

💳 What payment methods can be used at online casinos from St. Maarten ?

Electronic payment methods such as PayPal can be used from Saint-Martin. Wire transfers and MasterCard are also available.

🔞 What is the legal age to play when based in St. Martin?

In the North, the NJA requires operators to restrict gaming to those over 18. Elsewhere, this limit also applies to foreign casinos.

🌐 Can we play from anywhere in St. Martin?

The network coverage allows it. But legally it is safer to play in the Dutch part.