Blackjack Fortune VIP

Blackjack Fortune VIP

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Blackjack Fortune VIP is a live blackjack table with rather extravagant bets. It is immediately aimed at a specific category of players. Once again, blackjack pros are actively served with Evolution Gaming, which offers them plenty of VIP tables.

This number does not always mean that there is diversity, as this table is not very different from other live blackjack tables from the publisher. It offers everything that an Evolution Gaming live blackjack table can, but players looking for innovation may be disappointed.

VIP Blackjack table

True to form, Evolution Gaming offers an ideal and very complete live blackjack table. The games are filmed live from the publisher’s studios. The broadcast is provided by a battery of cameras that create an immersive and quite private experience.

Blackjack Fortune VIP is a full time blackjack table. As you would expect, the stakes make this table very exclusive, as they can start at €250. For a Blackjack lover who is not afraid of betting big, Blackjack Fortune VIP is ideal, as the stakes can be as high as €2000.

How does Blackjack Fortune VIP work?

Welcomed by a professional croupier in a chic setting with carmine tones, you take your place in the 7 seats reserved for players. The rules are similar to classic blackjack. Unlike poker, where you play against other players, you play against the dealer. The idea is to get as close as possible to the number 21.

Many side bets, bonus bets or even the possibility to bet on other players’ hands. There are of course perfects Pairs or 21+3’s.

If you are not at the blackjack table itself or waiting for a seat to open up, the‘bet behind‘ option is available at Blackjack Diamond VIP, with common bets such as‘perfect pairs’.

All in all, aside from allowing for very high stakes, Blackjack Fortune VIP is a standard, but very complete table. The quality of the image, the smooth transmission and the professional croupier are perfectly suited to the VIP players who can afford this table.

VIP Fortune Blackjack table features

  • Operator: Evolution Gaming
  • Type: live blackjack
  • Number of players: unlimited
  • Deck: 8 units of 52 cards
  • Minimum bet £250 Maximum bet £5,000
  • Rule: Classic with 6 Charlie Cards
  • 4 optional sidebets: 21+3, Any Pair, Hot3 and Bust It
  • Option of 2, 3, 4 times the stake after receiving the cards
  • Availability: 24 hours
  • Redistribution rate: 98.8

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions Blackjack Fortune VIP

☑️ Why play at a VIP Fortune Blackjack table?

As the name suggests, this table is reserved for high rollers of live blackjack, the maximum bet is £5000, this table offers many side bets, bonus bets or even the possibility to bet on other players’ hands. There are obviously the perfects Pairs or 21+3.

💙How many cards are used in this blackjack?

There are 8 decks of cards in the Blackjack Fortune VIP live table shoe, totaling 52 cards >> Discover Blackjack Fortune

☀️What are the minimum and maximum bets in Fortune VIP blackjack?

Minimum bet £250 Maximum bet £5,000, chip values are: 5, 25, 100, 250, 500 and 2,000. The ‘RTP’ player redistribution rate is around 98.8%.

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