2 Hand Casino HoldEm

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Want to play with two hands at once? Ideal for multi-taskers, 2 Hand Casino Holdem is also a great title for players looking for new experiences. Thanks to Evolution Gaming’s signature feature, this live poker game gives you the chance to make big money for a talented player. For those in the know, it is very similar to Casino Holdem Poker, but with a definite plus!

2 Hand Casino Holdem Mechanism

During the rounds, the dealer uses a single deck of 52 cards. Two Hand Casino Hold’Em follows the same principles as the classic Casino Hold’Em. With a 5-card hand, the player must build a hand that can beat the dealer’s. The only difference is that the player has two simultaneous hands. He can choose to conduct them simultaneously or to continue on only one. No more losing at poker after one bad hand, because Two Hand Casino Hold’Em provides two.

In addition to the two hands, the player can count on the AA bonus independently of the main game. With this kind of sidebet, the player can make more money if he is able to show a pair of Aces and more. The better the hand, the better the payout. The player’s first two face-up cards plus the three flop cards are considered in this bet. However, in order to take advantage of this bonus, you must deposit an amount equal to twice the initial bet (“Ante”).

Features and functions at Two Hand Casino Hold’Em

Two Hand Casino Hold’Em is a live poker game produced by Evolution Gaming from its studios in Riga, a city in Latvia. Like all the productions of the publisher, this game enjoys a pleasant environment and plays on black and silver tones.

Respecting the current canons, it is a versatile game that can be played on all terminals: smartphone, computer and tablet. It gives players a fair amount of leeway when it comes to audio and video features.

When playing Two Hand Casino Hold’Em, the player has control over the quality of the video althoughEvolution Gaming offers live HD. Of course, the choice of quality can be made automatically. In terms of sound, the player has control over what he wants to hear. The player can choose to listen to the dealer or to the sound effects of the game. It can also combine them or ignore them altogether.

Two Hand Casino Hold’Em has a live chat option. This option allows interaction around the table: between players to advise each other and comment; between the dealer and players to pace the atmosphere and make it more authentic.

And last but not least, live has licenses provided by regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission or theAlderney Gambling Control Commission. These licenses ensure that gambling is a legal activity, safe for the players and fair on the results.

2 Hand Casino Hold’Em” Frequently Asked Questions

📍 What is the special feature of this Poker?

You have 2 games in the same round to beat the dealer >> More

✔️ What live hold’em poker variants are available?

❣️What is the payout rate player RTP of live poker game?

The minimum bet is £1 and the maximum bet is £1,500, the RTP is around 97.80%.

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