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Playing at an online casino with maximum guarantees: trends and selection

Do you want to play at an online casino with maximum guarantees without unpleasant surprises?

Our independent guide helps you to sort through the many gambling sites, it takes into account qualitative criteria such as e-reputation, anteriority, the seriousness of the groups owning these establishments. Our selection ensures that you collect your winnings within a reasonable time frame, playing with acceptable betting conditions on games whose fairness is controlled by organizations of integrity. By registering on JACKPOT CASINOS partner sites you benefit from dedicated promotions as well as our support in case of dispute with the casinos validated by us.

πŸ’ Casino with live dealer πŸ’

Live casino games with live dealers are a reference, they reassure online players. Indeed, the draws of the games are filmed thanks to cameras and transcribed instantly online. Real dealers are responsive and answer all player questions, the fairness of the games is unquestionable!

This interactivity between the player and the dealers has been democratized in 2016 with new players and technologies. Live table players can bet in remote land-based casino rooms. They can smoke their cigarettes while placing their bets without having to go anywhere. Live Roulette and Live Blackjack tables are the most popular table games on the internet.

banzai slots
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Best Live Games Tables

πŸ’ PUR Crypto online casinos πŸ’

Some online casinos offer a payment solution using cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash. But we distinguish between Pure Crypto Casino and others… Indeed, the online casinos PUR Crypto, allow you to make transactions Deposit and withdrawal without having to communicate your personal details. This solution allows players to be anonymous but above all to withdraw their winnings instantly… A small number of casinos are recommended, we have classified them in the“Crypto Casino” category

Crypto currencies most used by online casinos

πŸ‰ Casinos offering the biggest jackpots πŸ‰

Many internet casinos offer jackpots, there are several types of jackpots such as Mini, Maxi, Daily, Local and Progressive, find our review dedicated to online jackpots, discover all the specialized providers.

Grand Mondial Casino
10 $€ 150 Free spins ℹ️
>> Grand Mondial Casino πŸ”₯

⚠️ List of countries whose residents have access to Microgaming jackpots:

Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Guatemala, India, Isle of Man, Israel, Japan, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macao, Madagascar, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Russia, Rwanda, St. Bartholomew, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia

New products and trends in 2022

Casino games on Mobile

Mobile casino games

More and more operators are getting into the multi-million dollar mobile application business. The prospects are still enormous around the world, especially in the field of online casino.

Many casinos or sports betting sites offer live betting with operators specializing in live casino croupiers, which increases the interest of bettors, but this is not without concerns about behavioral problems if we refer to a study recently published on addictology.

More and more players are attracted to games on smartphone and tablet-type mobile phones. These flash games, html 5 are often without download. Simple and quick to use, they allow every enthusiast to have fun anywhere.

This trend is growing more and more among online casino operators in order to increase their membership networks. The diversity of the games is not very huge. You still have to be vigilant because online addiction can become a concern.

Like Germany and the United Kingdom, our European friends are experiencing the same boom in sales of games on mobile and social networks.

In contrast to prejudices, the Germans are by no means the most stingy! The research firm considered that they have the best prowess of the monthly charges related to the purchase of multimedia content.

For their part, the British continue to occupy the first place annually, as usual. The handheld computer is the preferred medium for more than 30% of online casino gamers.

Recent Developed Countries: Social mobile gambling on the rise

In spite of the Internet access problems and the existing ban in several countries, people from the newly developed countries are showing a lot of interest in social gambling on cell phones and handheld computers.

sexy casino

Do you know the erotic casino also called the sexy live?

With the extreme competition online, new casinos are being created regularly with new services, casinos with live dealers are generally unanimous, in this online specificity, the Sexy Casino or Casino Erotic is appearing with young teasing but still professional dealers, what to lose all its concentration …

They animate the various tables of games in live, thus the ravishing naked dealers are there for your pleasure of the eyes, you find them animating with a lot of charm the tables of Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat Discover the Sexy Casino in Live and still more…

How do you choose your online casino?

Many players ask us for advice on how to play on the internet. There are many software manufacturers that rent their games to operators around the world. Every month we see new casinos opening.

Although there are certifications, gaming licenses provided by regulators guaranteeing the integrity of betting, it is mainly the experience and opinion of online users that helps us to define a list of reliable and serious casinos. In any case, we recommend that you check the age of a casino and avoid promotions that are too advantageous.

Some tips to avoid being ripped off on a new Casino brand

online casino scam

The gambling industry is a young industry that is highly coveted by many groups, new online casinos appear every week on the web, it goes without saying that it is necessary to issue precautions before venturing on a gaming platform…

Let’s see how to avoid some of the pitfalls and play on new quality sites!

More than 3500 illegal casino sites: It can be considered that between 6 to 10 new casinos are created in France every month. Some casinos operate without any license, which can lead to many inconveniences: unpaid winnings, non-existent customer service, unallocated bonuses etc…

These new online casinos are often easy to unmask, the quality of the translations is average, the software used is not recognized by the control and certification bodies.

At Jackpots Casinos, we often allow a delay of several months before validating new virtual casinos in this section. Indeed, it is difficult to judge the quality of service from the very first months, especially when it is a young company that is launching in this activity, it is usually after 6 months that the new casinos are considered reliable and serious.

When you read on forums, the remarks of players like “ this casino is a scam , they don’t pay my winnings, I get no response from customer service …. “It can be assumed that this new casino will not be popular with the guides and that its online reputation will soon be very detrimental.

With the ever-increasing competition, new internet casinos need to be on top of their game or their future is in jeopardy. You should know that all the new sites present in our guide, propose a customer service in French.

We do not provide a blacklist to our readers, more than 3500 sites are considered fraudulent, it would be quite difficult for our team to keep this information updated. We select partners who offer the best financial guarantees. It is also important to consider the quality of customer service, the possession of a gaming license, the impartiality of the gaming programs, etc…

Of course, as there are new online casinos every day, you can report them to us, and also contribute your experience by participating in our forum, a testimony, an experience is an additional proof of the real functioning of an online site.

Selection criteria of new casinos – Which French online casino is reliable

Before adding anything to our site, we take into account a number of different criteria.
This includes:

  • Owner and Operator: We verify the history of the brand owner as well as the reliability and quality of the service they provide.
  • Type of casino: Is the site available in downloadable, instant Flash and mobile modes?
  • Software provider: Does the platform use software from a reputable provider?
  • Game Range: The number of games, game categories, jackpot titles, etc.
  • Banking options: Does the site specifically serve your country? How many payment options are there? How long does it take for withdrawals? Can you make a deposit and play using your currency?
  • Customer Service: Is it available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is the live chat option available? Is support available in your language? How much information is on the website?
  • Accreditation: The jurisdiction that accredited the site and regulated it
  • Security and Fair Play: We check the encryption technology used and ensure that the Random Number Generator is tested and monitored by a third party such as TST or eCOGRA. We also look to see if the payout rates are publicly available.
  • Complaints: We look for serious complaints and how they were resolved. We also want to know how long it took to resolve the said complaints, and if the players are satisfied with the result.
online casino

How to choose a reliable online casino? 14 casino tips and advice for playing online

  • Casino Tip 1: Don’t be in a hurry, learn more about potential gambling establishments before making your choice : Guides usually make their ratings based on the promotions presented. The latter are not an accurate reflection of the level of perfection of the sites. Online debates will allow you to gather some conclusions about the sites you want to play. This way you can get opinions on the value of their benefits. Also, be sure to read the rules for using the gaming platform and the rules for awarding bonuses.
  • Casino Tip 2: A specific email is best for registering online : Some of the sites trade their data to increase their advertising revenue. If you use your regular email to play, you may find yourself inundated with unwanted mail.
  • Casino Tip 3: Try out the games using the free no deposit bonus It is common practice to encourage new players to try out games for free with a small deposit offered. (Usually the amount is less than 10 euros), there are many sites that offer free casino bonuses without deposits.
  • Casino tip 4: Go for no-download or mobile tablet gaming platforms: Currently, there are gaming platforms that offer to play online without downloading. This has the benefit of not bothering you with bugs and incompatibility issues with your terminal or computer. In the majority of cases, both handhelds and cell phones are perfectly suited for these games. Their level of excellence being today at its maximum thanks in particular to the high speed and technological processes of the games in flash.
  • Casino tip 5: Live Table Games >> enjoy your passion by testing the table games live! It is now possible to bet like at a real land-based Roulette table, by joining studios with live casino tables with live dealers. The advantage is that you can also bet with friends on the same tables and see that the draws are unquestionably random. This live dealer casino technology now offers the opportunity to bet on a live roulette table. As in a real casino room, the dealers are also real, filmed by webcams to govern the games live. The same tables are also able to be shared with your loved ones. You will have both the persuasion that the draws really depend on chance.
  • Casino Tip 6: Games for fun: manage your time and money! Taking part in casino games is about having fun, not about anxiety and not about earning your keep. In case of failure or, more importantly, in case of successful results, it is important to know how to stop and take breaks. This would prevent addiction to gambling. To play well, set limits for the length of the game and the amount of money you can bet, especially since it is difficult to understand the time in front of your machine and on the Internet. It is mandatory that your earnings compensate for the expenses you will have to determine beforehand.
  • Casino Tip 7: Strategies to become a gambling expert : Instill in yourself gambling strategies before you start a game, it is important. Make your game more efficient with the existing expedients for Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and Slot Machines. Strategies are posted online, in order to play skillfully.
  • Casino Tip 8: Blackjack Strategies Blackjack remains one of the most popular games of chance. A number of famous players have caused a stir over the years by winning hundreds of thousands of dollars (refer to movies like Ocean’s Twelve, Rain Man, Las Vegas 21). We invite you to take note of the basic rules to make your results better. In addition, many internet gambling platforms offer Blackjack competitions or bonuses on certain nights of the week.
  • Casino Tip 9: Roulette Combinations Choose the European or French roulette tables, see our article on choosing an online roulette table, choose the roulette tables with multiplayer play. These tables can be live or RNG, and allow you to bet whenever you want. The advantage is that you can watch the different draws without betting on every move. Use systems or roulette methods to optimize your investments and benefit from a higher return as a result. Have you heard of martingales? Some methods have been successful in the medium term!
  • Casino Tip 10: Video Poker Tips: The most lucrative game on the internet is Video Poker, see also our video poker tips, master the rules of the game to bet, have a clear idea of the Video Poker presented. Choosing on the net gambling establishments that offer challenges.
  • Casino Tip 11: Tips for one-armed bandits also known as Slot Machines: Tricks are perfectly usable for slot machines on the web, although there are opinions to the contrary. Please note that slots in land-based and online casinos are supposed to give back a specified percentage to the participants. Logically, if the gaming platform is very popular, has a long history and a good image, and has a large number of players, then the payout ratios will inevitably be high. In addition, it is highly recommended to participate on the most frequented slot machines, those that are supposed to increase their sales. Finally, don’t play a lot of moves, but play as much as you can for a better return. As long as you choose to bet the minimum, we recommend participating in tournaments, such as Video Poker, where the winnings can be fabulous, with the pot.
  • Casino Tip 12: Get Paid Quickly: One of the best practices in an online casino is to get paid quickly and discreetly. New casinos specializing in cyber called crypto casinos such as Ethereum, Bitcoinoffers you to bet and withdraw your winnings instantly, beware all casinos that offers this version of payment do not all practice the same conditions of withdrawal!!!
  • Casino Tip 13: Favour old casinos or mono soft casinos – Older online casinos such as single-publisher casinos are much more attractive to players, as not only do they have a verifiable reputation, but also the number of customers is often much larger than newer online casinos. By playing also on an online casino mono editor or monosoft, the number of games being weaker the distribution by machines of the deposits is more important… thus you will have much more chance and guaranteed when on these sites…
  • Casino tip 14: Play at all the casinos in the world with a VPN: Some casinos prohibit you from registering based on your IP address which geolocates you. There are many reasons for this, it may be a legal prohibition, or the country you come from is considered risky by the banks. A VPN or virtual private network is a secure tunnel between your device and the Internet. VPN protects your private web traffic from interference, spying and censorship. Your IP address is masked and your data encrypted. Even your Internet service provider cannot access your browsing data. You will be able to register at any casino in the world and even play in crypto currency, so you will be a Phantom player

Why play at a major online casino?

β™š Great online casinos of reference: certified reliable

The adjective ” Large The word “casino” was often used to designate casinos in seaside resorts. In fact, given the competition between the various land-based casino owners, this adjective was synonymous with a reference for all gamblers who wanted to have a good time but also to pocket good money…

Thus, land-based casinos around the world are full of ” Great Casinos “The Venetian Macau – China, Marina Bay Sands – Singapore, City of Dreams – Macau, China, oxWoods – Connecticut USA, Ponte 16 – Macau, China, Rio Casino – Klerksdorp, South Africa, MGM Grand Macau – China, MGM Grand Las Vegas – USA, Casino Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal, Monte Carlo Casino – Monaco, Casino BarriΓ¨re de Deauville, Casino de Wiesbaden – Germany, Casino Baden & Zurich Switzerland


There are also large casinos on the Internet, which have undeniable advantages for the player. Indeed, playing at a great online casino brings satisfaction, the guarantee of getting paid, but also of winning more regularly. In addition to offering financial guarantees in case of winnings, the pool of players is so large that redistribution of winnings is frequent. Indeed, an online game works in the same way as a land-based game, the more it is solicited the more it pays back. Choosing a great casino is therefore a guarantee of success for all online gamblers.

How do you distinguish a great online casino?

The age of an online casino is a reference, not only the pool of players is important, but the older a casino is the more objective its reputation on the net … If a casino behaves badly, forgets to pay a player, scams betters with excessive conditions of bets, limits withdrawals in case of winnings … all this ends up leaking and tarnishing forever the reputation of the casino in question … the notoriety, the e-reputation are strategic for a long-term success.

On the internet, it is also possible to use ranking tools that will be able to give you an estimate of the demands of online casinos, here we use a trick to determine the popularity of a site on the web, we used Google trend indeed ” Google trends ” will give you a ranking of the most used big casinos of the moment. Unlike an online casino comparator that will direct you to its preferred advertising partners, this tool remains impartial and ensures an objective and qualitative choice.

Select your great online casino, the benchmarks:

  • Choose a casino that accepts multiple nationalities: The advantage of playing at a casino that accepts multiple nationalities is very simple, the more players you have, the higher the deposit amount. Since an online casino pays out a high percentage of wagers, it’s easy to see why a player will win more consistently at an online casino that accepts residents of multiple countries. It is also advisable to go for casinos that have a nice age to enjoy the same community mass effect.
  • Security and Accreditation: They implement a very high level of security, are accredited by recognized jurisdictions, comply with fairness standards and undergo regular checks and tests to ensure that their service is always safe and reliable. Quality online casinos only offer great games designed by recognized and award-winning software providers.
  • Payment Diversity & Speed: All reliable sites offer safe and fast payments. The best online casinos do not offer monthly payout limits. However, the best sites for players are the operators that make fast payouts.
  • Customer Service: These platforms are highly regarded by players who praise their services and recognize the efficiency of their customer service among other things.

Bonuses and promotions: These online casino sites offer bonuses and promotions that, while huge, come with reasonable wagering requirements.

Bonuses and promotions, contests and tournaments:

casino bonus

We regularly offer our readers the promotions offered by reliable online casinos. We like to promote sites that offer contests or tournaments, which allow you to get acquainted with the software at a low cost, win some nice money without spending a lot of money… online casino tournaments are a great promotion!

The main types of online bonuses:

To help our readers, we have made a clear classification of the different casino bonuses offered on the web! If you would like more information, please feel free to participate in our casino forum and ask your questions!

I) Traditional bonuses and promotions available “First deposit – loyalty – VIP These bonuses are linked to gaming constraints, in 80% of cases, they are not applicable to gaming tables, only to slot machines, the main criterion that qualifies them is the wagering, then the percentage awarded!

Our ranking is from the smallest wager to the biggest! Some casinos offer a wager that is indexed on the value of the “deposit + bonus”, and others on the value of the bonus only… A wager of 30 on a bonus corresponds to a wager of 15 on a “deposit + bonus”… Here our wager classification is standardized for our comparison on a value indexed on “deposit + bonus”.

Beware of extra-ordinary bonuses, in all cases, check the Wager in the general conditions of attribution of your Casino Bonus :), bonuses are only valid on CERTAIN GAMES (non-progressive slot machines and Video Poker), only live casinos offer a low wager on the roulette table!

II ) No Deposit Free Bonus: Worth €10 to €20, this free bonus allows you to play without depositing and test the casino to win the jackpot! The bonuses issued by online casinos are subject to controls by the licensing authority. See our list of the best free bonus casinos.

Indeed, when an online casino has a gambling license in Europe (the most famous is Malta), online casino operators are subject to strict controls related to their banking transactions, in addition to the fact that they are obliged to ask for the players’ papers (identity card + photocopy of the bank card), The management authorities require that the bonuses offered are blocked and considered as real money, the online casinos are therefore quite cautious to deliver this type of bonus because not only the player can really win beautiful sums but also if this bonus is not played it ends up in pure loss for the casino because blocked for several months …

This is why the so-called free no deposit bonuses are only awarded by so-called offshore casinos… These casinos can, thanks to their international license, work on several markets and be more competitive… here are our favorite Off Shore casinos!

III) The free no deposit time limit bonus: This bonus can go up to 1500 €, it is limited in time, from 30 to 60 minutes, they are usually awarded by casinos using Microgaming software. Your winnings may also be limited to a maximum of €200, and the withdrawal conditions are linked to strong wagering (see casino conditions)

IV) Free spins or freespins: Thanks to a first deposit the slot or video poker player has a certain number of free spins at the slot machines to win a nice bet, this type of new promotion is very successful because the constraints related to the withdrawal of the winnings are less drastic, this is a significant advantage if you plan to play on a slot machine!

Types & Best Online Casino Bonus Wagering

When entering the world of online gambling, one must be cautious of the many bonus offers and promotions. We will therefore provide you with some explanations as the types of bonuses vary from one establishment to another, so it is important to be vigilant before going online.

Wagering can be seen as a real opportunity or a trap for the player, as the offers are often unclear and not always easy to decipher. The importance of wagering is often watered down in the special conditions of membership of online casinos, but it is a condition for the assiduity of players. It also has an impact on the honesty and seriousness of the companies see our online casino comparator.

Generally speaking, online bonuses are targeted at slot machine players, in the majority of cases, bonuses are not applicable to table games such as live roulette, blackjack, hold’em poker, etc. For live table games, the most suitable bonuses are “cashback”, i.e. a percentage allocated on the players’ losses, which remains a fair and honest practice

Online Casino Bonus: Opportunity or Scam?

Many online casinos attract players by offering bonuses associated with their deposits. We can therefore read very regularly promotions with bonuses of 100%, 200% or even more in some cases. It is obvious that the casino wants to increase its customer base quickly, but at the same time is taking a risk by giving its members “free chips”.

To minimize the risk of the casino, a “wagering” is associated with it. This wagering corresponds concretely to a coefficient between 15 and 60… This simply means that the player must wager the bonus attributed by the wagering coefficient before being able to withdraw his money in case of winnings. It is therefore easy to understand that this index is crucial in choosing a casino before making a deposit.

The higher the index, the more it will be a constraint for the player. Many casino guides ignore this aspect, we at Jackpots Casinos would like to advise our readers on the best way to make the right choice.

Wagering the online casino scam?

Indeed, this coefficient linked to the bonus is a trap to avoid! But not everything is negative! In 2020 some serious casinos are making improvements in order to establish their seriousness. Let’s look at this in detail:

Know how to compare offers because there are several types of “wagering”!

1) The wager associated with a bonus + deposit with constraint: In this case, the wagering multiplies your deposit plus your bonus, if your wager is always 40 as in the previous example, and with a deposit of 50 €, a bonus of 100% (50€), the necessary wagering before withdrawal will have to be 40x(50+50) that is 4000 €. It is easy to understand that the withdrawal conditions are much more drastic than in the previous example.

2) The wager associated with a simple bonus with constraint: In this case, we are talking about the number of times the bonus must be wagered before being able to withdraw the associated potential winnings. If your bonus is €50 with a wagering of 40, that means you have to wager €2000 before you can withdraw your winnings.

3) Wagering associated with a bonus with no withdrawal constraints on the winnings generated by the deposit: In view of the ever-increasing competition, the trend today is to separate bonuses from player deposits, so some casinos award a bonus, but the bonus is played on a different “bonus money” box than the player’s “deposit” box. With a €50 deposit, the player will have two €50 cash registers, as in the example above. If you win with your deposit money, you can withdraw your money whenever you want. If you then win with your bonus money fund, a wagering requirement will be applied to the bonus money, so the wager will be taken into account.

The “wager” is higher, over 100, but unlike the other two mentioned above does not entail a withdrawal constraint on the gains made by the deposits. Chronologically, the deposit box is used first, then when it is empty the bonus box is used with the associated wager. This system appears much more equitable, the bonus therefore appears to be a real promotion.

4) A no-wagering bonus, also known as a “no-wagering bonusThe last case is the most advantageous for players, in this configuration the bonus is offered without any wagering constraints, there is no obligation to play the bonus a number of times to make the withdrawal. These bonuses are usually offered by large online casinos that wish to develop a specific geographical clientele.

In conclusion, wagering can be compared as long as the different characteristics of these coefficients are well dissociated. It should be noted that in some cases the “wager” is associated with an online scam, it is important to be vigilant and move towards bonuses without withdrawal constraints when wagering on slot machines.

Free online casino

Generally, online casinos offer 3 types of free bonus promotions

  • Free bonuses offered without the need to make a first deposit: This bonus allows you to have fun and try your luck without taking any risks, it also gives you an idea of the quality of customer service of the company that represents the casino.
  • Free spins when players make their first deposit.
  • Free play time, this promotion is often found in English speaking casinos.

Free games:

Our free flash casino games pages allow you to play without having to bet your own money. They are perfect for progressing, learning the basics for each game and practicing strategies, in order to gain the advantage over the casino operator. So if you don’t feel ready to play for real yet, these pages are for you.

πŸ™‹ Frequently Asked Questions “playing at the online casino”

⚜️What makes an online casino reliable and trustworthy?

The best online casinos have a validated gambling license, a good reputation on guides and forums, as well as frequent audits on the game providers

πŸ§‘βš–οΈ Is it legal to play casino online?

Some countries do not allow online casino games to protect the revenue-generating business of land-based casinos. More and more countries offer to accredit online gambling via licenses, it is also possible to bypass access to some internet casinos by using VPN service to hide the geographical origin of the online player

πŸ‘¦πŸΌ Which casino games are the most popular?

Jackpot slots and table games with dealers

βœ… How to find the best online casino?

Follow some recommendations before you start >> Read more

πŸ’° Do we have to play for real money?

No, it is better to test the casino in demo mode and test in any case the customer service to ensure the responsiveness of the casino

πŸ‘‹ How to identify a great online casino?

The notoriety is essential, but also the seniority, without counting on the quality of the games and the certification bodies, the number of players is fundamental

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